Across the world, people are starting to realize the importance of living a life with less. You might call it a minimalist lifestyle or simple living or even intentional living.

Minimalism can often seem extreme and cold… and often lacking personality.

Cozy minimalism is a realistic approach to minimalism that doesn’t celebrate a certain minimum of items.

Instead, we celebrate creating a home that feels and functions good (with decluttering, organizing and styling).

There are areas of you home that aren’t as impactful as others, I focus on getting you to clear the impactful areas first.


I believe in clearing clutter in layers for two main reasons:

1. When you remove clutter when you’re ready to let go, you don’t regret letting go of it later

2. You hit important minimalist mind shifts as you release clutter, so doing extreme measures and major decluttering sessions usually don’t “stick”.


You can quote me.

My main mantra is “Little by little, a little becomes a lot!” My second favorite is “Comfort, not clutter.”

The goal with this path to minimalism is to create a home that supports the life you live. One that allows you to relax, recharge and unwind.

Minimalism doesn’t have to feel cold.
Cozy doesn’t have to feel cluttered.

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