Episode 005 – Quality Over Quantity

Show Notes:

Welcome to the Cozy Minimalism podcast, a bite-sized podcast that helps guide you along the path towards minimalism and creating a beautiful home that supports and nurtures you.

I advocate intentional home styling using what you already own and love; I help you create a truly unique space that becomes your place to relax, unwind and recharge. Your home becomes a source of blessings rather than burdens.

Each episode will be under 5 minutes and will include a mini-mission for you to do within your own home.

Hey, hey, hey, It’s Angie Kikstra of Cozy Minimalism. Today, we are going to talk about Quality over Quantity. This is a really key concept for you to learn when you are moving along your path towards minimalism. I’m going to explain the reasons it’s so important and then give you a mission at the end of the episode today.

Quality over Quantity:

This is one of the first mindshifts that I work on with my one to one clients.

It’s so easy for us to get sucked into the idea that “more is more”. If you watch commercials, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Marketers tell us that we can be this – if we buy that from them. That we will feel this way, or look that way…

We get the idea that spare money should be spent and we start living paycheque to paycheque.

We pay for items with money. We make money by giving up hours of our lives to go to work. Time is something we never get back. So if you think of it this way… the items you spend your money on are being paid with time out of your life. When you think of it this way, it only makes sense to purchase items that are of higher quality, that you will use, and/or love.

Me and My Cameras:

Years ago, I was caught in a cycle of buying and losing (or breaking) digital single click cameras. When something inevitable happened to the camera, I was buying a new one again. And at $120-$180 a pop… this was an exspensive and wasteful cycle. One day, I resolved that I wouldn’t buy another digital camera unless it was a better one. I decided to save my money and do without a camera for a while. My goal was to buy a digital slr camera. I wasn’t careful with the cheaper ones because I didn’t value them. I could easily spend $120 but was having a hard time saving for $1200. That was almost 10 years ago and I still have my digital slr camera.

The money you save by avoiding buying the little things, will help you afford higher quality items. Items that should last. Items that you will value and take better care of. The trick is to be a savvy shopper. Plan it out. Do your research. Don’t make spur of the moment purchases on a whim. Have a list of the bigger ticket items that would make your home or life easier. Avoid a bandaid purchase like I did with my cameras… and save up for the better quality item. Better yet, just save. Save your money for experiences, pay down debts, and save for your future.

Your Missions:

This is a two for one mission today!

Think of something you spend needlessly on, with a bandaid purchase. How often are you replacing that item? Or repairing it? Now think of something that is higher quality that you could save for.

I would love for you to start creating a master list of quality items you want to save for… You could keep in the notes app of your phone like I do or you could just write it down somehere you wont lose it.

I title mine, “Purchases to Save For”.

And that’s it! I love hearing your feedback! I really appreciate you! I’m collecting your questions and I’ll do an episode soon featuring your questions and my answers.

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