The Movement

What is Cozy Minimalism?

A simple, slow and steady way of creating a home that supports you and not only looks good, but it FEELS good.
I offer you  an alternative to massive purges that make a huge mess and aren’t easy to maintain.
A simple and slow way of decluttering and minimizing that works with your natural energy ebbs and flows.
This is not an all or nothing process.
A way to balance a beautiful home and minimalism that is warm and welcoming… like a giant hug to release all of your stress at the end of the day. 
A way to help get everyone in your household on board the “living with less” train ( I can’t promise minimalism but I CAN promise they will feel better with less).
Cozy Minimalists have different organizing challenges than people with masses of stuff do… I’m an expert in those solutions.
Functional, simple and beautiful solutions.
Your home should fill your cup, you shouldn’t feel drained by it.
Cozy Minimalists are not concerned about their home being a show home or featured on a magazine.
While at the root of a cozy minimal home there is a design quality… we don’t look for perfectly style or designed spaces.
There is beauty in the everyday… and there is even more beauty in breaking the “design rules”.
Life is meant for living and experiencing… not housework and strain.

What Is Cozy Minimalism?

Cozy Minimalism is more than just decluttering and decorating our homes.

We are at the forefront of a movement to help ourselves and others in our cozy community, create homes that support our lives and loves.

A Balance Between Minimalism and a Beautifully Decorated Home

Cozy Minimalism, at it’s core,  is about striking a balance between your own level of minimalism and decorating based on your own personal style.

What Are Some of the Benefits?

When you go through this transformation in your home, you actually transform your life.

By allowing your home to be a sanctuary that nurtures and supports you, you gain a very important safe haven from the stresses of the world “out there”.

When you and your family have a space like this, you actually begin enjoying your time spent together.

Minimalism doesn’t have to feel cold, stark and uninviting. Cozy doesn’t have to be overwhelming and filled with clutter. 

There is a beautiful balance in between the two and the fun is in the journey of creating your home!

My Personal Story (I’ll keep it short)

You all know I love you and I want you to love your home. You’ve heard this story over and over again, so I’ll keep it short.

I began my journey years ago as a Real Estate Stager. I would help people declutter and decorate their homes as we prepared them to be put on the market for someone else to enjoy.

Over and over, I would hear people say that they wished they had me in sooner. They loved their home, like they never had before. I was able to offer many of those people the chance to do the same for their new home. 

Sometimes it failed. The failure came only because they didn’t want to get rid of anything.

 The key was minimizing, and most people hadn’t decided that minimalism was for them.

Cozy Minimalism is a way of life. It is a lifestyle change and it will reward you and your family.

And for the record, I wasn’t always a minimalist…