What is Cozy Minimalism?

What Cozy Minimalism Is: To Each Their Home: Everyone has their own unique personal style that we help them to uncover. It’s a timeless style that transcends “trends”. We do not judge others homes because each home that falls into the cozy minimalist realm, is unique. Decluttering is Done in Stages: Most people can’t dedicate … [Read more…]

How to Become a Minimalist

How to Become a Minimalist (or Cozy Minimalist in our case) Phase 01 – The Realization You are aware that you aren’t thriving in your home. You are ready for a lifestyle change and your end goal is to live with less stuff and have more joy. Focus on: Seeking support (ensure non-judgment and positive) … [Read more…]

Is Cozy Minimalism Right For You?

The concept of minimalism isn’t about who can live with the least amount of stuff. It’s about what each person chooses to live with. What is the “right” amount of stuff for you? That’s your decision to make. Minimalism is a lifestyle change. It affords the people living in a home to be able to … [Read more…]