Minimalists Represent

I’m noticing an alarming trend amongst the minimalism movement and I had to write this. The problem is, a small group of people within the minimalist lifestyle movement have confused the minimalist design style, with pretty strict ideals and very clear guidelines, with minimalism as a lifestyle.  What is the design style? “Minimalist architecture became … [Read more…]

What is Cozy Minimalism?

What Cozy Minimalism Is: To Each Their Home: Everyone has their own unique personal style that we help them to uncover. It’s a timeless style that transcends “trends”. We do not judge others homes because each home that falls into the cozy minimalist realm, is unique. Decluttering is Done in Stages: Most people can’t dedicate … [Read more…]

How to Become a Minimalist

How to Become a Minimalist (or Cozy Minimalist in our case) Phase 01 – The Realization You are aware that you aren’t thriving in your home. You are ready for a lifestyle change and your end goal is to live with less stuff and have more joy. Focus on: Seeking support (ensure non-judgment and positive) … [Read more…]