S2 – E3 A Simple and Easy To Maintain Cleaning System

Hey again, my friend! Angie here! Have you ever felt like you’re constantly cleaning your house or you’re running around behind everyone else making a mess in your home? Well, let me tell you, from experience, I feel your pain!

I have brought in a very special guest today, and this show is a little bit longer than usual, but I have one of my instagram friends and she is going to talk  about a cleaning system that she came up with for herself that’s super simple and super effective.

So, if you have a little bit of a challenge trying to keep everything clean and tidy… then this episode is for you.

Welcome to season two episode three! In this episode, I sat down and had a casual chat with my friend Rae. 

She had told me about her simple cleaning system a while ago… and I loved the sound of it… so I asked her to be on the podcast (because when we hear something neat, we should shout it from the rooftops so everyone can learn about it too).

One of the things we all seem to struggle with is not wanting to feel like our entire lives our spent cleaning our houses… and yet it has to be done. So Rae took matters into her own hands and went to find a cleaning schedule that was easy and didn’t take a whole day up.

Here is the link to Raes blog post about the topic… and be sure to grab her free cleaning routine while you’re there!

How to Make a Cleaning Schedule

Why I Love This Schedule

  • Tasks are broken down into manageable bite sized pieces. (Either by rooms/zones/action)
  • You can change it and customize it to make it your own very easily.
  • It’s not complicated and you can remember what your focus is based on the day. Eventually you can put this on auto-pilot.
  • I don’t feel tied down with cleaning anymore… you can maintain it.

The Synopsis:

Rae suggests you break your house into main areas that need to be tackled (ie. Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen, etc.)

She calls these your “biggies”.

You can also break it into tasks if you like (ie. floors (sweep/mop), dust etc.)

Next, write down all of the days you actually want to spend cleaning.

Give yourself at least one day off. Because who really wants to be cleaning that much anyways? You NEED to have at least one day of rest and relaxation. You’ll love me for that later…

Then assign each of those areas or tasks a day. 

If you have a massive house, you’ll likely have to do two areas or more a day… but for those of us with 2000 sq. ft. or less, you should be ok with one area a day.

And finally,  look at all of the daily items that you need to do each and everyday. Rae calls these “dailies”.

I do this already with my 10 minute tidy…  load and start the dishwasher, clear and clean surfaces, PUPA – pick up and put away items in the main living areas (and hallways), and wipe down the surfaces of appliances.

And this is just the overview… her post on this is much more in depth for each day… and yet it’s sooo simple. I love it!

Seriously, head on over to her blog and see the overall plan she has for herself… and nab her printable to make it your own.

Your Mission:

This week, create your own cleaning schedule using the tips that Rae gave us.

Come on back and let me know how you made out!

Leave a comment on facebook or instagram and let me know how you made out with your own simple cleaning system.

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