Clearing Out Your Closet

Tips for a Successful Closet Clearout

If you’ve ever started a closet clear out and ended up just standing at the opening of your closet, feeling overwhelmed at the thought of even starting to declutter… this episode is for you!

I snagged April Grow of Stunning Style to give us some really great tips on how to clear out your closet and declutter with confidence.

First of all, April suggests to envision the wardrobe of your dreams. Where everything fits well, looks great and you love it all.

You know I don’t mince words and don’t give fluff, so here is the list:

5 Tips for Clearing Out Your Closet

  1. Break it Up
  2. Choose Your Method
  3. Go for the Obvious First
  4. Give Yourself Permission
  5. Know Your Style


When you know what you and don’t love and what your style is, your closet clear out will be so much easier. Bringing in new items will be easier and exact, so you don’t waste money on new clothes that don’t work. You can join the masterclass here: Sign Up


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