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This is a story about one of my longest running DIY projects. From start to finish, it took me four years to complete.

Yes, you read that right… FOUR years!

It wasn’t that it was a difficult project to do. It was just one of the projects that I procrastinated doing. Once I decided to actually do it, the project only took me a few hours.

I picked this big guy up on a local buy and sell group. It was cheap. (Like, $60 cheap. SCORE)

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The big BEFORE

I saw it and immediately saw the potential. This is a flaw with me. I can see what it CAN be, I just lack the drive to get it there.

This year, we built an amazing deck in our backyard (if you would like to see that, I’ll post a link). This was the perfect time to FINALLY update this outdoor daybed. I figured it was now or never. I even built an area of the deck with this piece of furniture in mind.


Here’s how the project went down…

Summer of 2013:
 The first step was to remove the shower curtains from the daybed.
 Then I cleaned it up. A quick spray with the pressure washer and it was good as new!
Once it was dry again, I ended up spray painting it. I decided on Grey.
 Then it sat for 4 years.
 Collecting dust.
Collecting mice.
And adding to my to my master project to do list. Also know as “Angie’s big list of things she never gets around to doing”.

Summer of 2017:
The next step was to clean it off with the pressure washer – again.
Once that was done, I needed to build the cushions.
The straps were cracking and brittle. I knew I couldn’t salvage them.
But I needed to be able to have a somewhat solid base for my homemade cushions to sit in.
The easiest way, I figured, was to create a base out of wood and then add the foam and fabric to it.
And here is the before and after.


I can’t tell you how satisfying it is when you complete a project that has been glaring at your for four years. I’m so happy we have a useful and beautiful piece of furniture that I managed to get for less than $100!

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