Decorating as a Minimalist

Minimalist Decorating – creating a homey space without the clutter

I want to introduce you to an ingenious way of decorating for a minimalist!

Decorating with the layers of cozy. This is my original concept, and much like (reverse) peeling an onion, you decorate layer by layer.

These layers will help you add dimension and warmth to your space, one layer at a time. So you, as a minimalist, will not be visually overwhelemd. The other bonus for minimalists is that you can decorate in a layer and stop at any time. Each layer builds on the last layer.

(If you’re looking for guidance on how to define your personal decorating style, click here…)

Layer of Cozy #1:

This is layer focuses on what you put on your walls. Think gallery wall, collage, large artwork or wall decor.

Layer of Cozy #2:

This layer focuses on what you put around your windows and on your floor. It is what helps soften your room.


These first ones will help you decide what your color scheme will be in your room.

Layer of Cozy #3:

This layer focuses on pillows and blankets.


Layer of Cozy #4:

This layer is all about adding accessories and functional decor. Functional decor is all about creating a decorative grouping using your everyday use items. This helps two ways, your daily use items are easily accessed and they look lovely.

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