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The Importance of an Entryway (that supports you).

Your entryway is a powerhouse in your home. In fact, it’s one of the primary spaces that I suggest my clients focus their initial efforts on.

It’s the place you enter first from the outside world. 

Functionally, it would store your keys, wallet, shoes, hats, outerwear, etc.

This space is supporting you and the life you live, if you can:

  • find your keys, wallet, and sunglasses. 
  • easily hang your jackets up with enough space for guests when they come.
  • enter your home without feeling overwhelmed at the sight of this space.
  • have some storage space for shoes that’s easily accessible for all members of your family.

What else does your entryway need to do for you and your family? 

Share your must-haves in the comment section below.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place.

Say Goodbye to Misplacing Your Keys...

While your entryway is a powerhouse… I am only going to dive into the key storage solutions right now. I have an entire training course dedicated to this space (from decluttering in layers and organizing it for your life).

These are my all time favorite ways to use what you already own (and love) to store your keys.

The reason I love these solutions is that you can usually use what you already own…but if you can’t find something you already own, you have options for multi-purpose solutions… right here.

So, here they are! 

An old jewelry holder painted with fusion mineral paint and used as a “key tree”… but you could use any ol’ jewelry holder you have lying around.

This works best for an entryway that has a flat surface like an entryway table or shelf.

I do caution you though… this solution does require maintenance because the flat part of it will become a clutter magnet!

Just stay on top of this clutter hotspot and find solutions for the items that continuously land here and you’ll be fine!

Key Tree Repurpose Old Jewelry Holder into Key Holder

My second solution is a decorative bread bowl that I use throughout my home for decor. I added an ikea plant and a painted metal pot from the Dollar Store. This is another solution that requires a flat surface within your space. Be minful not to let this solution become a catchall as well… you know, mail, pocket junk etc.

This next solution is a decorative bowl… either a fancy shape or a complementary design… use a bowl that you no longer have the matching pairs of. 

Again, I made it a part of decorative grouping. It looks more substantial and it looks “on purpose” with the decor with it.

(For the purpose of this photo I used a bowl that my friend had brought over for Thanksgiving… don’t worry, she is getting it back). 

Or… you could use one of your favourite coffee mugs. This one I couldn’t bear to part with (hahaha punny, I know) but it wasn’t practical as a hot liquid mug… the heat would just SEEP through it like mad! 


Hooks on the inside of a drawer in your entryway… I love this one because we already have our own drawers in our multi-functional dresser turned entry shoe storage unit.

I have went through a bit of a transformation in my journey… and our initial solution of the key tree isn’t working for me anymore. I just don’t like seeing the keys out. 

So I have personally switched to having my keys in my drawer.

Also… Hi Truman!!!

This next one I’m sharing is my husbands key hook on the wall. He loves easy access to his keys, so I had to find a solution for him too… there’s no shame in using multiple solutions! 

7 Key Storage Solutions for Cozy Minimalists

And last, but not least… is the piece of driftwood we (me and my family) sourced at a local lake and added open eye hooks to it and then the hanging hardware to the back.

I love adding simple and natural elements to decor.

This was originally a jewelry holder on my walk in closet upstairs… but when I figured out I could use it as a key holder… it became my favorite out of all of these solutions…

And there you have it… 7 pretty and functional solutions for your keys in your entryway. If you are looking to deep dive in your entryway check out my training here.

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