Episode 002 – Staying Motivated

Show Notes:

Welcome to the Cozy Minimalism podcast, a bite-sized podcast that helps guide you along the path towards minimalism and creating a beautiful home that supports and nurtures you.

I advocate intentional home styling using what you already own and love; I help you create a truly unique space that becomes your place to relax, unwind and recharge. Your home becomes a source of blessings rather than burdens.

Each episode will be under 5 minutes and will include a mini-mission for you to do within your own home.

5 Tips to Supercharge your Minimizing and Stay Motivated

Hey, hey, hey, It’s Angie Kikstra of Cozy Minimalism. Today, we are going to talk about how to stay motivated to minimize. I’m going to give you 5 tips to supercharge your motivation to minimize.

There’s that very real moment, when you’ve kicked butt on the clutter (for days and days) and then all of a sudden… you hit a brick wall! It’s like all forward forward momentum, just disappears.


Have a really good “why”. With my one-on-one clients, I work through with them and create a very clear vision of what they want their home to look and FEEL like. We focus on “the why’s”. Why do they want to have a cozy minimal home? There is so much power in knowing and focusing on your reasons why, because when you hit the brick wall, you’ll be able to get back into the game a lot faster if you remember and focus on your “why”. Your “why” gives you something to look forward to… It gives you something to aspire to… it also helps you realize that where you are now, doesn’t align with that “why”.


When you’ve lost motivation, the worst thing you can do is look at your overall mess. Think smaller. Do a 20 minutes session and only focus on one box, one drawer, or one bin. The best way to become motivated is to gain momentum . when you’ve completed a smaller task you feel energized and you move on to something else.


Write it down or tell someone close to you what you want to accomplish in a set time frame. Keep it realistic, because the darkside of this is getting even more down on yourself for not completing an unrealistic goal. Make sure it’s someone you trust and ask them if they think it’s realistic. You can always overachieve after you set the bar low.


Surround yourself with people that are a few steps ahead of you. Have you joined our minimizing group yet? Check out our community on facebook. It’s called “Cozy Minimizing”. I even have a free mini course in there. Seeing how others are doing it can be inspiring for you.


Schedule your decluttering sessions. That could be 15 minutes every night or every other night, even try 15 minutes once a week until you start feeling even more motivated. schedule it and follow through with it and you’ll feel motivated again.


Now, on to my Mission for you this week. If you are feeling unmotivated to minimize, your mission this week, is to choose one of these solutions in your own life.

Choose just one of those and I’d love to hear your comments after you’re done!

Stop on by facebook and show me how you did! I love to see what impact these missions have!

Do you have intsa? I’m there too!

Thanks for joining me… I look forward to next week. And if you have a pressing question, email me and I might feature your question on this podcast!


  1. Marlene J

    I’m going to try #5 . By timing my decluttering and keeping it at 15 minutes will work for me . I find I get overwhelmed by the shear magnitude of my clutter . We’ve lived in the same house for almost 28 years so have collected too much stuff . Looking forward to doing this . I’m just taking baby steps ( and 15 minutes at a time !)

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