Episode 006 – Cozy in the Kitchen?

Show Notes:

Hey, hey, It’s Angie of Cozy Minimalism. In this episode, I’m going to go through some ideas to inject some life into your kitchen. Make sure you check out my instagram feed for examples of people doing this well!

The last place in your home you would think to label as cozy… is your kitchen. Right? So that’s why I figured my very first podcast about bringing cozy into the home, should be the kitchen. I like to challenge myself Cozy means that you have a space that is filled with life, function and clear of clutter (and the unnecessary).
I truly believe the kitchen is the heart of the home, even if you are like me and you aren’t passionate about cooking. If you have a welcoming and tidy space, you will enjoy the time spent in there.

The Foundation:

The first thing you want to make sure in your kitchen is that you have your surfaces are clear and tidy. Think of this as the foundation in any of your rooms: Tidy surfaces. A side note: we will dive deeper into the other clutter zones later… but for now, focus on surfaces to start.


The next thing I want you to focus on is making sure your daily use items are easily accessible. The worst thing you can do for function in your kitchen is to make it difficult for you to reach and use stuff that you would need every day. This would make it so you might not put things away properly if they’re not easily accessible. There’s an organizing rule that says your most used items have the best real estate which is basically the easiest to reach areas in your kitchen.
I follow that, because when I don’t I’m reaching and stretching to get things… and I’ll get lazy and not want to put them back.

Functional Groupings:

The next thing you want to focus on to bring a sense of cozy into your kitchen is focused on functional groupings. This could mean creating pods like I suggested before I have a cleaning hide underneath my sink I have a specialty food pod in my pantry for myself and my carb free lifestyle. I also have a baking pod on a Lazy Susan with in the pantry. You get the idea.
I created this grouping in a clients kitchen. It's functional decor that's a joy trigger <3

Functional Decor:

You can also make sure that your daily use items that you use can stay out on the counter, but still look nice. This is where I create functional decor groupings. This could mean you have a breakfast station with your toaster. How about a coffee station created with a coffee press and your favourite mug and a jar of honey. Think canisters for your dry goods of different height on display on your counter. A tray or basket filled with infused oils and spices next to your stove. I share some ideas on my insta feed this week.

Add Some Life:

The final thing I’ll share today to bring cozy into your kitchen – is strategically placed greenery. No grouping is complete without some greenery in it. So make sure any of the groupings that you have created had at least some greenery. This is where I love to suggest a tiny herb garden if you’ve got an outside window that’s the perfect solution to bring some life into your kitchen.

Your Mission:

So your mission this week, is to take a before picture of your kitchen and do one of the suggestions I gave you. Then come by the Cozy Minimalism page on facebook and share your before and after as well as your story. You might just inspire someone else too!
I really appreciate those of you that have been sending in questions, and I’m working on a special Q+A podcast.
If you enjoy this podcast, could you leave a review? That’s the very best way to tell others that this is worth listening to.
Thanks so much for joining me this week, please join me next week, where I will help you define your values to help you minimize.


  1. Marlene J

    Thank you for this . I’ve been stalling on getting after my kitchen . It seems I declutter and within weeks it’s a crowded mess again . Thanks for the inspiration to start . It’s on my agenda tomorrow . Looking forward to more of this to help me create the “ home I want to live in “. 😊♥️♥️

  2. Marlene J

    Great info !👍 Can’t wait to start putting some of this into place for my kitchen . It really needs help ! Too cluttered are what I have for work spaces . Time to change that . Thank you for the Inspiration Angie !!!! 😊♥️

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