How Much Furniture Is Too Much In A Room?

How exactly do you tell if your space has too much furniture, and how can you tell if your furniture is too big for your space?

Do you bump into furniture as you walk throughout the space?

Is it difficult to walk around the furniture?

Does your furniture only work one way within the space?

These are all signs that your  room may have too much furniture… but sometimes it’s not that simple. Sometimes we feel a little crowded with larger scale furniture or we feel like something is “off”.

Aside from a room feeling “off” or feeling cluttered there really isn’t a way to figure out how much furniture is too much… until now.

I’ve created a formula, that you can work through, in order to calculate if your furniture is taking up too much space in your room, no matter the size of your space.


What you Need:

Measuring Tape

Graph Paper

Pen or Pencil

The Process

  1. Take the measurements of both your length and width of your room. Now multiply those two numbers to get the area of your floor in feet squared (ft2). Example: a 16 X 14 room is 224.
  2. If you have jut outs or closets that take away from your floor space, you have to calculate those too. Example a 3 X 6 closet is 18.
  3. Take your sum of your floor space (224) and subtract your closet (-18). 206.
  4. Write this amount down. This is your useable floor space.
  5.  Now, you need to figure out the footprint area of all of your furniture:
    1. sofa 3 X 6 = 18
    2. love seat 3 X 4 = 12
    3. coffee table 2 X 4= 8
    4. end tables 2 X 2 (= 4 but you double that because you have two) = 8
    5. chairs 3 X 3 (= 9 but you double it because you have two) = 18
    6. tv stand 1 X 6 = 6
  6. You total the sum of the furniture footprint 70

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