Cozy Minimalist Club


Imagine a clutter-free and tidy home…

Is it yours?
If not, keep reading!

What if you could have a clutter free home in 2019?

Your struggles with decluttering have nothing to do with being lazy or having no time. It’s all about building motivation and momentum. 

You truly need a tribe that will stand behind you and help you work through your stuff.

A tribe that will cheer you on through the peaks and valleys of your journey.

A group of others that  know exactly where you are (because they have been there too). 

A group that can support you in a way your friends and family simply cannot.


“Stuff” is coming in between you and your family living your best life.

Imagine a stress free holiday season next year. One filled with fun and meaningful traditions rather than anxiety and to-do list and feverish cleaning.

Imagine being able to connect with your family doing activities both inside and out of the home, rather than feeling drained and bogged down by all the things you need to do…

Imagine your home being a place that you could actually relax and unwind in…. a place to reconnect and recharge. 

Right now, are you saying to yourself “I don’t know where to start.”

I will give you quick win projects each and every week, to help you focus your efforts in the areas that matter. For those of you that need the step by step, this is the part of the program that is built for you. 

But why do a membership when I could get information for free?

I love the honesty… 

Sure! You can get decluttering tips and ideas online… heck, I even post them in my podcast, on instagram and on facebook…

BUT, it’s not organized in a neat and tidy package with clear goals and visions.

It’s not giving you the support and connections of a tribe with similar goals.

It’s not helping you work on the root causes of the clutter (by dealing with the root causes, you will be best equipped for the maintenance).

And it definitely isn’t giving you one on one time each month with a professional. 

I don’t feel like I have the time.

Do you have 10 minutes a day you can carve out for this?

If so, you have the time. Decluttering doesn’t have to be a HUGE project that creates a bigger mess. In fact, the larger the project you take on, the greater chance of losing steam and feeling exhausted.

With this method, you gain momentum and you are able to clear out more and more.

I teach you a way to clear clutter that won’t make a bigger mess. This is the most helpful way to clear it out when you first start. You only have to carve out 10 minutes each night to clear it out.

When you have extra time to do larger projects, you can apply the category method.

We take intentional steps towards a systematic decluttering process – TOGETHER. 

But Angie, there’s no point to decluttering because it will just get cluttered again…

Hold on there my friend, I have that covered. I cover a maintenance part of this each and every month.

You get tools, habits and home hacks to help you keep your spaces calm and clutter free. 

(Even if some of the messe are other people’s stuff) 

This is a system that helps you reset your entire family, even if you’re the only one that wants to be a minimalist.

Let’s Go Over What You Get Each Month:

Each Wednesday a new plan will be given to you in our facebook group… (if you prefer email, I will send it to you there).

This plan will give you:

A space to focus on decluttering (each week focusing on a different zone)

Tips on how to clear it in big burst and little chunks

Recommended habits to maintain it.

In addition to group love, I also offer one on one support  at the end of the month.

Simply pick a time to schedule our video call and I will coach you through your biggest issue for the month.

It’s like having a professional minimizer in your pocket!

Hang ups

How to approach your family to help

Guidance and Planning


Next steps

You have access to all of the resources from past months in our resource library which include plans in specific spaces of your home.

As the membership grows, so does our resource library. The resource library will be filled with videos from past months covering a wide range of topics and spaces. If you don’t want to participate in group connections, you can still use all of the materials. 

What You Will Find in the Resource Library:

Room by Room Action Plans


Games and challenges

Printable Checklists

Past months training and topics


Want more?! I will have experts join every once and a while to give their expertise in areas that you ask for.

Some of the topics we have covered include:

Creating a Supportive Bedtime Routine

Creating Simple Systems in the Kitchen

Minimizing Kids Stuff

Let’s get Your Home Decluttered – Together

$27/month and you can cancel anytime. 

You will be responsible for payment of any month that you have access to.