Making Your House Your Story

“Collect the things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.”
~ Erin Flett

I love that minimalism is this for me.

Did you know I have a collection of vintage and antique cameras?

I sure do!

It sparks a reminder in me, of my love of photography.

I will have that spark and head out to capture random photos with no destination in mind.

Catching a glimpse of those antique cameras ignites my passion and reminds me to get out and fill my cup up with that activity.

I truly believe that minimalism doesn’t have to be about living with the least amount of stuff.

It isn’t a race.

It is not a competition.

I love an intentional and meaningful space… maybe you do too.

You can still be a minimalist if you don’t have a cold and stark home.


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