Decluttering Together: What To Do When They Won’t Let Go

I was speaking to a group of moms recently and we were chatting about toddlers and their uncanny way of loving all.the.things.

Most toddlers have a struggle with choosing their favorite stuffy because they all have feelings. Some even go as far as saving garbage or scraps.

You may even have an older kid that struggles with attachments to their things.

I’m going to give you three tips today, that will help you navigate through this with them.

We don’t need to go through their room or toys and fill a bag when they are away… empower them to do it with you no matter what age they are.

1. Give Limits and Boundaries for their stuff – Keep Space
2. Make it Fun – Take a boring or difficult task and make it fun, make it something you can do as a whole family. Make it into a game.
3. Little by Little – break a bigger task into smaller and choose the easiest things to let go of first. Even ask them what they would choose

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