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I’m noticing an alarming trend amongst the minimalism movement and I had to write this.

The problem is, a small group of people within the minimalist lifestyle movement have confused the minimalist design style, with pretty strict ideals and very clear guidelines, with minimalism as a lifestyle. 

What is the design style?

“Minimalist architecture became popular in the late 1980’s in London and New York, where architects and fashion designers worked together in boutiques to achieve simplicity, using white elements, cold lighting, large space with minimum objects and furniture.” – wikipedia

The concept is to strip everything down to its essential quality and achieve simplicity.

These rooms could be described as cool, stark or white to most people.



What is minimalism as a lifestyle?

Minimalism is a tool to carry you into simple living. You may begin decluttering small spaces and find relief or joy in that, and you continue on with more advanced minimalist minshifts.

Simple living is all about simplifying your entire life. 

That includes reducing your possessions – minimalism.

There is such a broad range of minimalists that it might be overwhelming at first. 

You could be a nomadic minimalist.

A zero-waste minimalist.

A tiny home living minimalist.

Frugal minimalists.

And my obvious fave: Cozy Minimalists. Which also crave to have a beautiful home that reflects and supports their family.

The labels are meant to help find like-minded people that share similar values and beliefs. It’s like a flag of sorts and helps you find your crew.

The lifestyle is so broad, because each and every one of us are so unique. You could say, minimalism is as unique as the people living it. (I’m gonna claim that quote as my own)

Something that those of us living as minimalists have in common is that we search for happiness in life itself. It is up to each of us to determine our own “enough” as it relates to stuff and extras in our own lives.

When I get riled up

I get worled up with people that post in general minimalism groups on facebok and complain about seeing posts about decor because they don’t feel like that has a place in minimalism.

I get riled up when people tell others that the OPs space isn’t minimal enough to be minimalist.

I turn into a mama bear of sorts and confront them… because I believe that home is a sacred place.

Why does it matter to you, if someones home is not as minimal as yours? 

Why does the amount of stuff they have decorating their home, matter to you?

Why do decorating posts in a minimalist group trigger you?

When someone laughs at questions about decor in general minimalism groups on facebook… it’s sending a message to others out there, that this lifestyle is extreme.

“Welcome to our movement… but there are people that will be annoyed with how you live. Don’t get comfy here, you’re not really welcome unless you follow these guidelines of what minimalism should be.”

But it’s not the same for everyone.

Every person is at a different stage in the path… encourage them in all ways.

Does their space working for them impact you or harm you in any way, shape or form?


Then it’s time to keep scrolling.

I simply state that judgement about how others live is not in my definition of minimalism and TO EACH THEIR HOME.

If you want a safe place to talk about, show off, or ask questions about decor, join the facebook group Decorating for Minimalists.

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