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28 Days of Minimizing
How to decide what to get rid of and what to keep?
In the beginning, just focus on the easy stuff. I call this phase 1 decluttering. It’s the obvious, easy and logical stuff to get rid off. The best way to get discouraged and overwhelmed is to try to tackle the sentimental items right now. Later on in the month we’ll talk about the harder stuff. You’ve got this, friend!
Active decluttering:
Let’s tour your home together! Pick up the phone and get ready to find 28 things to donate! These are things that don’t serve you positively and are still in good condition. They would make someone else life better if you passed them on to someone else.
Did you find your 28 things? Put them in a box or container and take them to the donation centre this week!
Minimalism isn’t about deciding what to get rid of and live without, it’s about deciding what’s important to keep and highlight.
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28 Days of Minimizing!
Active decluttering:
❤️ Your mission today, after I’ve found my Facebook password, is to go through your home with a garbage bag and find 28 items that are junk and need to go into the garbage.
These are easy peasy! You don’t need to think about them. Take me with you (keep the video going as you do this) and I’ll give you prompts as we go together.
“Day one or one day, you decide.”
Which room or area should you do first?:
Choose the one that would have the greatest positive impact when done or the one that you’ve been putting off forevah!
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