Home Decorating Style

Who’s ready to finally figure out what their home decorating style is? This will be fun! These are the actual steps we will be going through this month to help you define your unique home decorating style. Who’s excited? I know I am! Can you tell? If you have some friends that you think could … [Read more…]

Decorating Guidelines

The Fundamentals of Decorating The following are decorating guidelines that will help you decorate your home. I really don’t like calling these “rules” because you can go against them and it can sometimes look good, it take a talented professional to pull that off though. Decorating Guidelines – Window Coverings Your curtains and drapes should … [Read more…]

Decorating as a Minimalist

Minimalist Decorating – creating a homey space without the clutter I want to introduce you to an ingenious way of decorating for a minimalist! Decorating with the layers of cozy. This is my original concept, and much like (reverse) peeling an onion, you decorate layer by layer. These layers will help you add dimension and … [Read more…]