The Pillars of Cozy Minimalism

The Pillars Of Cozy Minimalism:

To Each Their Home:

Everyone has their own unique personal style that we help them to uncover. It’s a timeless style that transcends “trends”. We do not judge others homes because each home that falls into the cozy minimalist realm, is unique.

Decluttering is Done in Stages:

in order to become a minimalist, you need to do (at least) 3-4 whole home, major purges.

It’s like peeling an onion… but a sweet onion.. that won’t make you cry.

If you have struggled with getting started and staying on track with decluttering in the past, I have a wonderful solution for you! Find out about it here…

Decorating Begins with the Fundamentals:

There are certain decorating guidelines that are handy to know. They are the difference between a home that looks intentionally decorated and a home that looks cluttered or thrown together. These are the decorating fundamentals.

Cozy Minimalism Works For ALL Decorating Styles:

This is one of my favourite things about Cozy Minimalism, you can decorate in any style! I have even featured boho rooms and farmhouse rooms because they can be minimal and decluttered too!

Decorating is Done in Layers:

I call this the Layers of Cozy. You start with the basics, the furniture in a cozy arrangement centered around a focal point. You add the first layer, the second layer, the third layer and if you choose a fourth layers. These layers consist of wall decor, area rugs, window treatments, blankets and pillows and decorative accessories.

Color is Key:

I am a strong advocate for color within your spaces. Even though white is the “trend” right now, I’m looking to get you longevity with your spaces. If you choose colors in your home that are meaningful for you, and you carefully select colors that you love, they will be timeless.

Functional Decor:

Making the everyday use items (that need to be accessible) look beautiful and a part of the decor. We often run decorating challenges surrounding functional decor on our facebook page, join in!

Have Fun and Find Joy:

Life is too short to be angry, I want to put a smile on people’s faces, to be a light on a dreary day so I inject some humor in almost everything I do. Our community encourages and supports each other and I love you all for that!

Cozy Minimalism

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