The Pillars

Pillars of Cozy Minimal Living


Minimalism doesn’t have to feel cold, stark and uninviting. Cozy doesn’t have to be overwhelming and filled with clutter. There is a beautiful balance in between the two and the fun is in the journey of creating your home!

Less is More

The first step to get to a cozy minimal home is to clear the clutter. Be ruthless. Get down to what you need, use and love. When you clear away the excess, you gain clarity and peace at home.
We will spend so much time minimizing… and it should be fun, supportive and motivating, join us in the Minimizing Missions and Games group here on facebook.

Minimalist Mindshifts

If you just declutter and don’t focus on changing the way you think, you will get caught in the hamster wheel of the Clutter Cycle. You will declutter a space and it will continue to fill and you will declutter again… repeat indefinitely.

Deeper than Decorating

On the surface, it may seem like we are just helping you decorate your space. But it is so much more than that. It’s important to have a home that reflects you and your family. A place that you can connect with emotionally. When you walk in your home, you get an immediate sense of “Ahhhhh I’m home.” When you go through this transformation in your home, you actually transform your life.

Home in Real Life

The idea of home has changed since our grandparents time. If you duck and hide when the doorbell rings, there is a problem.
Home Shame is real! We are shown the highlight real of other peoples homes on facebook, instagram and pinterest. Our homes are lived in. Messes happen. Don’t compare your home with someone else staged and tidied spaces. My mission is to help you reclaim your home… that includes feeling good about keeping it real

Self Care

If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else. Take the time nurture yourself on a deeper level. Self care practices are key to improving your life at home.

Quality over Quantity

Being a Cozy Minimalist doesn’t mean that you don’t spend money. It means that you are intentional about what you bring into your home and what you spend on. You choose to forego buying a bunch of low quality, inexpensive little things. Instead, you save for higher quality items. This type of spending is a statement.

Minimalism is a Lifestyle not a Decorating Style

The most important thing to remember is that your home can be minimal and decorated in any style. In fact, It looks more intentional if you have a blend of styles. The key is discovering your unique personal decorating style. You can join my free class here

Home is your Safe Haven

Creating a space that helps you recharge and unwind is necessary in our current world. It needs to function and support you. By allowing your home to be a sanctuary that nurtures and supports you, you gain a very important safe haven from the stresses of the world “out there”.
When you and your family have a space like this, you actually begin enjoying your time spent together.

Functional Spaces

Deciding what you use your rooms and spaces for is more important than what they look like. Making them beautiful is secondary. This is something most people struggle with. I have created a process that will help you create clear function in every room.