Uncovering Decorating Blocks and How to Fix Them


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frustration with decoratingDecorating Blocks That Will Hold You Back From Decorating Your Home.

and some ideas to help you bust them…

It can be frustrating to want to create a beautifully decorated home  but not be able to actually do it.

Why is it that some people can seem to effortlessly try new things and have it turn out? What makes one person able to effortlessly try new decorating techniques and another paralyzed with fear? The reason that some people have a harder time is because of decorating blocks.

Decorating blocks are things we do (either consciously or sub-consciously) that prevent us from feeling like we are qualified to decorate our own home. The first step is figuring out what your personal decorating blocks are… the next step is to bust those blocks with new ideas, thoughts and actions.

Which of the Following Do You Do?

Decorating Block #1: Indecisiveness

You aren’t able to commit to anything, so you just avoid decorating. You might have a hard time even putting pictures up on the wall because it’s difficult for you to make a decision on where to put the nail.

Decorating Block #2: Home Shame

You are worried about being judged, this can be real judgement (we all know that brutally “honest” person that will come into your home and point out the faults) or we may feel like someone else is judging us (sometimes we will feel like our own home doesn’t add up).

Decorating Block #3: Overwhelm

So many choices. So many options. Way too much pinterest and insta… You are visually and creatively overwhelmed and don’t know where to even begin… so you give up even trying.

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Decorating Block #4: Perfectionism

If it isn’t going to be perfect (or up to your standards) then you don’t even want to do it. You’re not going to waste your time on something that isn’t going to turn out.

Decorating Block #5: Lack of Skills/Knowledge

You have tried to decorate but usually it feels off. You aren’t sure what will go together or how to make a room “feel” right so you don’t even bother.

Would you like the Decorating Blocks Self-Assessment Tool?


This worksheet will help you figure out which decorating blocks affect you and then you can work through ways to bust those beliefs. 

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